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Lifepoint Informatics is the trusted leader in healthcare information technology, advancing value-based health care with uncomplicated clinical integration, health information exchange, and data interoperability solutions for hospitals, health systems, clinical laboratories, diagnostic imaging, health insurers and accountable care organizations. Built on a unified workflow platform, our solutions interoperate seamlessly across multiple modalities, application layers, and end-user devices. Lifepoint customers love our clear, user friendly data integration solutions that facilitate health information exchange, enable successful outreach connectivity, EMR integration, EHR interfacing, physician portal, population health management, and quality reporting among disparate clinical systems.

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Provider Web Portal

Turn your providers into customers for life. Give them fast, secure portal access to lab and diagnostic test results.

HL7 Hub

Achieves rapid interoperability within complex healthcare environments by connecting systems seamlessly, in less time and at a lower cost.


Integrate your LIS, RIS or any HIT system with our seamless EMR integration solutions. Interoperability Made Easy With EMRHub.


Ignite your clinical data interoperability with this leading edge solution from Lifepoint Informatics using innovative FHIR.

Patient Portal

Give your patients a HIPAA compliant and secure way to view their laboratory test results 24-7 on any web browser or device.

CPOE Connect

An easy to integrate EHR plug-in solution for lab order entry.

Patient Monitoring

Extrapolate patient data and seamlessly deliver it to the referring medical record system or into Lifepoint’s provider portal.

Cloud Printing

Flexibility to print lab result reports and labels customized for any lab or medical practice’s specific workflow.

Mobile APP

Delivers real-time access to laboratory, pathology and diagnostic imaging results on your providers’ hand-held devices.

PSC Kiosk Check In

An easy to use barcode scan enables patients to easily check-in at Patient Service Center (PSC) kiosks

About Lifepoint Informatics

Since 1999, Lifepoint Informatics has been the trusted name in helping hundreds of labs, hospitals, and pathology groups to effectively

Connect with physicians and providers in their community, Compete in their marketplace, and Comply with evolving regulations. Lifepoint’s highly specialized team of experts has the depth of knowledge and hands-on experience to consistently meet our client’s needs in a dynamic and challenging healthcare environment. This is why the nation’s leading laboratories, hospitals, health systems, and laboratory outreach programs have consistently turned to Lifepoint for user-friendly and cost-effective clinical integration, outreach EMR connectivity and healthcare information exchange.

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Who We Serve

Hospitals & Health Systems

Lifepoint’s suite of integration solutions work across any hospital or health system platform ensuring critical patient data is made available to clinicians at the touch of a button.

Clinical Laboratories

Lifepoint’s products simplify lab orders management, trim your EMR implementation time and cost, and maximize interoperability.

Radiology & Imaging Solutions

Improve order entry and report delivery for radiology and imaging.

Anatomic Pathology

Connect, compete and comply with interoperable solutions for pathology orders and results access.

Health Plans

Get instant access to laboratory and diagnostic test results.

Lifepoint CPOE Connect

Lifepoint offers CPOE Connect, an easy to integrate EHR plug-in solution for lab order entry.

Our Clients Say

“I review a lot of business from a customer perspective but not very frequently as a professional partner. Lifepoint has been so beneficial to my laboratory that I am taking time out of my overly super busy day to inform anyone taking the time to check-up on Lifepoint Informatics via Google reviews that this organization is as we say in German. It is nearly perfect. There is no weak link here. There is no single employee here that is less adroit than another and every employee represents the very best that American business has to offer. In fact, I only have this time to offer my observations because Lifepoint has, today, saved me quite a bit of time by assisting me and in so doing going way above and beyond what any reasonable businessman (or woman) could ever rightfully expect from a business partner. Five of the biggest brightest stars possible for Lifepoint Informatics.”

Rick Uppling

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Since 1999, Lifepoint Informatics has been the trusted name in helping hundreds of labs, hospitals, and pathology groups to effectively connect with physicians and providers in their community, compete in their market place, and comply with evolving regulations.