Solutions built on a unified workflow platform - so seamless you wont even notice it's there!

Lifepoint Informatics offers healthcare providers, payers, diagnostic centers and EHR vendors a set of interoperable solutions built on a unified workflow platform. This platform enables our solutions to interoperate so seamlessly across multiple modalities, application layers, and end-user devices that you may not notice it’s there. That’s because the unified workflow platform is working behind the scenes to keep all or your solutions interoperating.

Lifepoint Informatics’ infrastructure is built on a unified workflow platform which better enables hospitals, labs and healthcare organizations to deliver clinical and administrative messages in a meaningful way in order to satisfy marketplace demands. Using a balanced strategy for outreach and growth; labs, diagnostic imaging center, hospitals, health insurers, EMR vendors and accountable care organizations (ACO) rely on Lifepoint’s products to achieve their strategic initiatives. With solutions for interoperability, data repository, CPOE integration, physician portal, patient access and mobile access, Lifepoint Informatics can help healthcare organizations better manage and coordinate care for improved population health.

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Achieves rapid interoperability within complex healthcare environments by connecting systems seamlessly, in less time and at a lower cost.

CPO Connect

An easy to integrate EHR plug-in solution for lab order entry.


Integrate your LIS, RIS or any HIT system with our seamless EMR integration solutions. Interoperability Made Easy With EMRHub.

Cloud Printing

Flexibility to print lab result reports and labels customized for any lab or medical practice’s specific workflow.


Ignite your clinical data interoperability with this leading edge solution from Lifepoint Informatics using innovative FHIR.

PSC Kiosk Check In

An easy to use barcode scan enables patients to easily check-in at Patient Service Center (PSC) kiosks

Provider Web Portal

Turn your providers into customers for life. Give them fast, secure portal access to lab and diagnostic test results.

Patient Portal

Give your patients a HIPAA compliant and secure way to view their laboratory test results 24-7 on any web browser or device.

Mobile APP

Delivers real-time access to laboratory, pathology and diagnostic imaging results on your providers’ hand-held devices.

Patient Monitoring

Extrapolate patient data and seamlessly deliver it to the referring medical record system or into Lifepoint’s provider portal.