An ACOs provider portal is necessary because Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) consist of physicians, healthcare providers and hospitals who work together to give well-coordinated medical care to patients registered in the Medicare program. This coordinated care enables patients to receive the right care at the time when they need it, and it prevents the duplication of medical services and errors.

It’s now important for primary-care practices to join an ACO to prevent negative adjustments to their Medicare payments. When an ACO successfully delivers high-quality care and reduces the overall cost of care, its members will share the savings it makes.

As the healthcare industry continues its reform and adopts value-based care, the number of accountable care organizations continues to rise. With this increase comes the need to develop systems that help providers work together as a team, get valuable information at the instant they need it and enhance communication with other members of the ACO. A robust provider portal is the best tool for effective collaboration among practices in an ACO because it offers the following benefits:

1. Instant Access to Valuable Resources

Providers participating in the ACO gain instant access to continuous educational resources. This puts them on the cutting edge of high-quality healthcare. The portal provides tools and support that help them improve their performance and manage patients more effectively.

2. Effective Collaboration

The portal can serve as a remote front office and helps providers enjoy efficient communication with other physicians and care providers. It helps physicians receive support for coding and billing along with advanced cloud-based software solutions.

3. Marketing Tool

The provider portal can serve as a powerful marketing channel to reach out to patients. On the portal, you can provide information about the benefits patients can enjoy when they’re part of the ACO including:

  • Better care: Patients receive better care because they have shorter wait times, they fill fewer medical forms and perform fewer medical tests. They also enjoy treatment from an integrated medical team.
  • Dedicated care manager: Patients enjoy the attention of a dedicated care manager who advocates for personalized care, helps schedule doctor appointments and offers support for the self-management of chronic diseases.
  • Lower medical bills: With better care coordination, the patient avoids unnecessary admissions, tests and duplicated procedures. These result in lower costs and more efficient healthcare delivery.

4. Provider Appointment Scheduling

After patients have seen the benefits of being part of the ACO, they can go on to find providers and book appointments with them. The portal’s search system allows patients to search for providers by name, zip code, gender or specialty. They can also check if the provider offers extended hours or same-day appointments and get the phone number, address and directions to the physician’s practice.

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