The demand for an efficient clinic data portal is more evident than before. Recent changes in healthcare regulations make it imperative for healthcare organizations to use integrated health records. Providers now need to integrate health records from multiple data sources and systems into a single comprehensive view for physicians and patients.

To meet the demands of the enlightened patient who expects to book appointments, get diagnostic test results, and communicate with their physician via a mobile device, healthcare organizations need to use innovative clinic data portals. At Lifepoint Informatics, we help CIOs meet the needs of their physicians and patients by:

  • Bringing electronic health records together into a single portal
  • Enhancing telemedicine through admin portals and apps that can interface with smart devices
  • Improving collaboration between providers and physicians to improve the quality of care

Lifepoint Informatics also helps healthcare providers develop solutions that perform the following functions:

Electronic Health Records Integration

After electronic health records became the norm in U.S. hospitals, providers faced the arduous task of integrating data from different software systems into a single comprehensive view for easy access at a physician’s desk.

Major healthcare providers use Lifepoint Informatics solutions to bring together resources and data from various specialists within their organization, improving collaboration and providing value-based healthcare to their patients.

Efficient Telemedicine

Innovations in healthcare IT now allow providers to link up with their patients from any location through a secure app. For instance, in remote areas where patients don’t have access to specialists, primary care doctors can link up with specialists through video-assisted consultations. Local physicians can use this to offer patients emergency care by following instructions provided in real-time.

Similarly, admin portals allow patients to find general practitioners who work close to their neighborhoods. Patients also enjoy low-cost consultations and receive prompt answers to urgent questions.

Interoperable Diagnostic Testing Services

With the HIPAA regulations that require providers to utilize third-party labs for diagnostic tests, going to a physician for a series of tests can be quite inconvenient. Also, samples and test results can get mishandled or come up missing due to human error.

That’s why diagnostic laboratories work with companies like Lifepoint Informatics to develop solutions that transmit test results directly to the doctor that ordered them and makes them available through the patient’s portal.

The test results will be sent directly to the EHR of the provider’s organization from the laboratory information system (LIS) of the lab where the tests are conducted. This delivers faster and more accurate results and improves the overall outcome of care.

Want to Develop a Comprehensive Clinic Data Portal for Your Healthcare Organization?

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