Clinical Laboratories 

Lifepoint’s products simplify lab orders management, trim your EMR implementation time and cost, and maximize interoperability.

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    With Lifepoint’s robust, reliable and unlimited integration platform, seamlessly connect disparate systems and enable data exchange across multiple specialty providers and EMR vendor platforms.

    Lifepoint Informatics has shaped the growth of the laboratory industry with our provider web portal, customized integration and EMRHub solutions, built on a unified workflow platform for maximum interoperability.


    Enable your physicians the ability to electronically order lab tests and receive lab results from a secure web-based hub that can be accessed from their own EMR system or a web-based provider web portal. Easily connect any provider EMR to your laboratory information system (LIS).

    • Allow referring physicians and providers to check and validate medical necessity

    • Customize alerts for abnormal results or STAT orders
    • Comply with CLIA and HIPAA by giving patients access to lab results

    • View historical orders and results for individual patients
    • Track orders throughout each workflow step
    • Improve lab orders management and lab test result delivery
    • Enable cloud-based printing of lab test results and labels

    Clinical laboratory test data is essential in medical care decision making with up to 70% of medical decisions based on laboratory results (according to the College of American Pathologists). With Lifepoint Informatics solutions, medical laboratories, molecular diagnostic labs, esoteric and specialty reference providers, hospital outreach labs, and clinical laboratories get a virtual integration platform that requires only one interface to their laboratory information system, interoperating with every EMR in their entire provider community. EMRHub is compatible with any EMR or EHR and seamlessly processes clinical messages between existing systems and the referring physician’s EMR. Deployed as web-based middleware, EMRHub eliminates the need for custom point-to-point interfaces, costly interface engine hardware, and the IT staff needed to develop and support them.

    The Lifepoint Informatics data center is hosted in the “cloud” which enables on-demand delivery and hassle-free interfaces with all disparate EMR vendors.

    • Achieve outreach success
    • Rapid deployment yields immediate benefits
    • Help clients qualify for meaningful use incentives
    • Strengthen physician relationships
    • Enhance existing legacy systems
    • Unlock new revenue streams