Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) is a computer program or application that allows a provider to make medical orders electronically. CPOE was designed decades ago to replace manual ordering of medication and lab tests. Today, the use of CPOE continues to rise with the massive adoption of electronic health record systems. Industry survey reports show that the CPOE integration service market is expected to have a compounded annual growth rate of 6% globally between 2018 and 2026. Presently, North America has the most significant share in terms of adoption.

While some EHRs come with CPOE modules pre-installed, others need the help of a CPOE integration service for effective installation and implementation. If you plan to implement CPOE in your organization, here are some of the benefits you will derive from working with an integration expert.

1. Effective Evaluation of Your Data Integration Needs

Switching to CPOE offers you many benefits. But without a proper assessment of your organization’s needs, you may not fully harness its value.

After thoroughly evaluating your organization’s needs and workflow, your consultant will recommend the most logical and efficient steps for completing electronic prescriptions.

Then CPOE integration will make your doctors and nurses more productive and efficient. Using the new system should eliminate prescription errors and offer better care to patients.

2. Adaptation to Minimize Workflow Disruption

A significant issue that comes up during CPOE implementation is workflow disruption. Although using paper charts, faxes, and verbal ordering methods are error-prone and cumbersome, many clinicians have become accustomed to these conventional methods.

To overcome the resistance to change and minimize disruption of typical workflow, your integration expert will create a plan that will allow clinicians to smoothly transition from the old manual method to the new one.

3. Special Enduser Training

Another significant benefit of working with a CPOE consultant is effective training of all end users. Training for CPOE users cannot be rushed or handled carelessly.

The consultant will schedule the training in phases to avoid disrupting workflow. And different categories of users will have detailed step-by-step documentation.

Power users and IT staff will be trained first. Then clinicians will learn how to use the system, assisted by tech-savvy power users.

A few special training workstations may be provided to facilitate training and enable users to master how to use the system when they are not attending to patients.

4. Integration With Any EHR/EMR System

Providers use various EHRs, including popular brands like Cerner, Allscripts, Epic, and eClinicalWorks. CPOE modules also come in different forms and configurations.

While some popular EHR vendors ship a CPOE module in their product, it seldom meets the needs of most providers. Robust CPOE applications integrate with all major EHRs. They also offer innovative features like smartphone/mobile device integration, speech-to-text data capture, and other features tailored to meet physicians’ needs.

5. Higher Provider Productivity

Working with a CPOE expert enables you to develop and deploy a customized system with adequate decision support. This type of system generates alerts for drug-to-drug allergies and duplicate therapy.

Using the data stored for each patient, physicians can view information about drugs taken by patients within the past few years. This enables physicians to see if there’s any record of adverse drug events that can harm the patient.

Working with a CPOE integration expert makes CPOE implementation smooth, efficient, cost-effective, improves adoption rates among clinicians, and improves the outcome of patient care.

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