A CPOE system, also known as a Computerized Provider/Physician Order Entry system, allows clinicians to create prescription orders and keep a medication administration record electronically. It’s designed to replace the traditional paper-based ordering system. It also offers safety alerts that get triggered when a physician places an unsafe order.

In the past, CPOE systems were offered as standalone decision support applications. But today, they’re integrated into most EHR systems. They give providers the ability to increase efficiency and improve patient care and safety. That’s why we’re providing a brief guide to CPOE systems and how you can maximize their benefits.

What Is a CPOE System?

A computerized provider order entry or computerized physician order entry system is the process that healthcare providers use to enter and send treatment instructions such as medication and orders for laboratory instructions through a computer application instead of using paper or telephone.

What Are the Features of a CPOE System?

An ideal CPOE system will have capabilities for the following:

  • Ordering: Orders are standardized and communicated promptly to the departments concerned to avoid scheduling problems or conflicts with existing orders.
  • Decision support: During the ordering process, the physician can view the patient’s medical history as well as clinical guidelines that aid treatment decisions.
  • Patient safety: The CPOE system facilitates patient identification in real-time, drug dosage recommendations, allergy checks and adverse drug reaction information.
  • Portability: Orders can be made or managed at points-of-care or any location in the health system with PCs or mobile devices.

Benefits of CPOE Systems

CPOE offers various benefits and it can help your healthcare organization to:

  • Reduce errors: Using CPOE helps minimize errors because providers have to create legible, standardized and fully filled orders.
  • Improve patient safety: CPOE technology usually includes clinical decision support tools which trigger automatic checks for allergies, drug interactions, multiple orders and other dangers to the patient.
  • Boost efficiency: Submitting orders electronically helps your organization obtain medication from pharmacies and tests from laboratories at a faster rate, thus improving overall efficiency.
  • Faster payment processing: When your CPOE is properly integrated with a practice management system, you can flag orders that need pre-approval from insurance plans. This would be processed properly and denied claims greatly reduced.

Overall, using a CPOE system is safer for patients and more efficient for providers.

How to Obtain Maximum Benefits From Your CPOE System

While CPOE systems have produced a remarkable improvement in efficiency and patient care, healthcare facilities must recognize that many CPOE systems need a significant amount of customization before their patient safety and clinical decision support features can be properly implemented. This requires the input of health IT experts who have the knowledge and experience required to customize CPOE systems and ensure that they provide the desired benefits and trap all unsafe orders.

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