A customized application can meet both the present and future needs of your laboratory. The laboratory information system (LIS) is the lifeblood of any modern lab. So, investing in a custom lab portal is one of the smartest ways to improve the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of your laboratory.

Your custom laboratory information portal may take on different forms. Some of the most popular formats include:

1. Laboratory Information Management System

A customized LIMS helps you to automate laboratory workflow. When your LIMS is powered by the latest cloud-based technologies, it gives you real-time access to valuable information about your lab at any time. This makes it easier to manage large volumes of data, provide efficient laboratory services, avoid testing errors, and comply with regulatory instructions.

A customized lab portal can be designed to suit the needs of a lab of any size. You can have powerful functionality that includes comprehensive reports and advanced analytics with graphs, charts, and other visual displays. Whether your lab needs an application that will connect to your EHR and serve the needs of your networked healthcare organization or you’re looking for your first lab information management system, you can get an LIMS to fit your specific needs and budget.

2. Mobile LIMS

A mobile lab interface is fast becoming a necessity in the laboratory industry. It allows both staff and customers to connect to the laboratory on-the-go. With a secure mobile interface, lab managers can analyze laboratory operations and reassign lab jobs or resources to speed up operations. Customers and clinicians may also check the status of their orders and view their test results on any compatible mobile device.

Mobile lab solutions enable calibration coordinators to connect to equipment remotely. They can access the lab on the move, perform troubleshooting and servicing operations without stepping into the laboratory. Lab supervisors may also log in to the portal remotely to make approvals, monitor work-in-progress, or to make changes to prevent operational delays.

3. Laboratory Customer Portal

You can have a portal that caters directly to the needs of your lab customers. This customer-facing portal will allow lab customers or clinicians to order laboratory tests and send in all required patient identification information. The portal will be linked to the lab database and the EHR/EMR of the customer ordering the test. Customers can also view their past test results. This solution also facilitates invoicing, billing, and requests for claims.

Some of the benefits of a customer-facing lab portal include:

  • Easy management of multiple customer jobs
  • Fewer customer complaints
  • Efficient data entry for clinicians
  • Improved communication with clients through direct messages
  • Faster pre-approval for lab tests
  • Reduced number of poorly completed orders
  • Increased patronage from customers due to greater customer satisfaction

Want to Develop a Custom Information Management Portal for Your Lab?

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