DrChrono is a well-known electronic health record (EHR) system. It was designed to relieve physicians of their administrative burdens and give them more time to take care of their patients. It currently services tens of thousands of physicians and more than 17 million patients.

Building a lab interface for the DrChrono EHR system is a wise business decision. Here are some of the benefits you can derive from investing in a dedicated DrChrono lab interface.

1. Effective Lab Outreach

Integrating your lab with the DrChrono interface gives you direct access to over 93,000 physicians and about 6 million patients. That means you can reach out to physicians, receive lab orders, and send results back to a patient’s chart.

The seamless connectivity makes it possible for physicians to make quick orders for lab tests or diagnostic images right from the patient’s chart. As soon as the results are ready, you can transfer them directly to the physician that made them. DrChrono has read and write endpoints that allow your lab development team to place structured lab data into the EHR platform.

2. Reduce Errors

Most errors in lab orders are human errors. Empowering users of DrChrono EHR to order electronically can cut down those errors.

In a study on the use of electronic ordering and reporting of special lab tests, the fault rate reduced to one-tenth of the original value while the time for sending results reduced by two days. Electronic test orders and reports can reduce most of the errors caused by stressed and overwhelmed workers.

3. Reduce Ordering and Results Processing Time

Paper-based lab orders are time-consuming and labor-intensive. Creating a dedicated interface for your lab to connect with DrChrono EHR will reduce the time for ordering lab results by up to 50 percent.

Based on the data provided in a report by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, faster lab orders will increase work per day and increase monthly revenue. This will enable you to recover the cost of investing in a dedicated lab interface.

4. Receive Payment Faster

Most electronic lab test orders can be sent with complete demographic data. Also, tests that require pre-approval by health insurance providers can receive quick approval before performing the test.

With complete data in each test order, claims are processed faster. The test orders may be routed directly into the lab information system, and the billing department can process claims without undue delays.

5. Reduce Number of Denied Claims

Denied claims can hinder lab operations. They delay cash inflows and result in a backlog of unplanned work for the billing department.

Dealing with unpaid claims is a costly process. Sorting out errors and processing denied claims could cost thousands of dollars annually.

However, with a robust lab interface that enhances electronic lab ordering and reporting, you can eliminate most of the errors and data gaps that lead to denied claims.

Build Your DrChrono Lab Interface

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