Why develop a DrChrono Radiology interface? Well, DrChrono was the first EHR app released on the Apple App Store. This end-to-end solution uses modern cloud-based technology to integrate seamlessly with clinical workflow, patient engagement, and medical billing to help your practice or organization enjoy maximum productivity.

The DrChrono app gives you access to a suite of rich features such as patient portals, highly customizable medical forms, electronic prescription and many more on the go. However, it still needs to be integrated with your lab and imaging center to efficiently order lab tests and radiology services.

Developing a DrChrono Radiology interface allows you to integrate your radiology information system (RIS) with your mobile EHR app. Then, you can put imaging results directly into your patient chart.

Here are some of the key benefits of creating an interface between DrChrono and your radiology department or service.

1. Transmit Orders Electronically

Creating an interface to connect your mobile EHR with your imaging center enables you to send orders electronically. This allows you to avoid the errors that occur while using paper-based orders. With an electronic interface, you can send orders directly to the radiology department with the description of the imaging test required. Other details like diagnosis codes, physician notes, and insurance information may also be sent. This gives administrators the chance to quickly verify the patient’s eligibility before authorizing the requested imaging tests.

2. Instantly Access Imaging Results

After your imaging center or department has completed the tests, the results are stored in their radiology software. Clinicians receive a clickable link that allows them to view these results on their mobile devices or computers. The image can also be transferred to the EHR and stored in the database. Doctors no longer need to search two disparate systems to get the imaging information they need for a particular patient. Just one click gives you the information you need from your EHR or your integrated imaging service vendors.

3. Improve Diagnosis and Treatment

Quick access to imaging data on an iPad makes it easy for doctors to provide a more efficient and effective diagnosis of a patient’s symptoms. Doctors may even provide better bedside treatment and make faster decisions about treatment options when they have all the facts and images in one place. While the patient’s medical history can help determine the cause of a disease, the imaging tests give a more detailed picture of the patient’s current state of health. They’re also essential for determining the severity of injuries. That is why it’s important to view them side-by-side.

4. Achieve Effective Patient Participation

Patients can use their iPad or iPhone to check their medical records with the DrChrono app. This is helpful for managing chronic illnesses like diabetes, arthritis, asthma, stress, and respiratory disease. EHRs can help patients receive self-care instructions from providers such as reminders for follow up visits, adherence to their physician’s instructions, and information to alter prescriptions when their health improves. Patients may also reach out to their providers for minor care, to schedule appointments, and to ask for advice about how to treat certain symptoms at home.

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