Almost all multi-physician practices currently use an EMR/EHR to manage patient records. But how many have chosen the right EMR connection vendor and are maximizing the potential of their EMR through automated data entry?

The greatest benefits of time savings, improved workflow, and reduced data entry will come when an EMR connection vendor helps you to link your equipment to your EHR. Your ECG machines, thermometers, scales, and other machines will be able to communicate with your EMR and your practice will experience the following benefits:

1. Faster Data Capture

Automation eliminates the need to manually record patient data on paper. It also allows data to flow instantly to the EHR, making data capture more efficient. For example, when a temperature reading is sent directly to the EMR database, there’s little concern about making transcription errors or losing important results.

Before using an EMR connection solution, your staff may spend about 2 to 3 minutes taking and recording a vital sign like temperature or blood pressure. The registered nurse will need to take the temperature reading first, write it down, and then pass it on to the physician who records it in the EMR.

But with an automated solution, the connected thermometer reads the temperature and transfers the data instantly to the correct patient ID in the database along with the time stamp and other important details. The automated process usually takes just 20 seconds, and it will be taken consistently at required intervals.

2. Access to Complete Patient Data

ln practices that care for a hundred or more patients daily, obtaining complete vital sign data can be a difficult task. Vital signs are seldom complete. Nurses and medical assistants can easily get distracted by a patient who needs urgent attention. This leads to incomplete pulse and temperature readings.

After implementing an automated solution, workflow will be streamlined, and data can be captured and transferred in a single process. The data also goes directly to the right patient record. This allows clinicians to make effective treatment decisions using present and past vitals that are instantly available.

3. Ability to Link Up Multiple Devices

Certainly, digital equipment will cost a provider more money than manually operated equipment. But the efficiency, speed, accuracy, consistency, and time savings will offset the cost of equipment and the middleware software solution.

Also, a single software solution can help you connect all your devices to your EMR. So, you can link up your thermometer, ECG machine, digital scale, lab equipment, and radiology machines directly to your EHR. Some solutions also have the capacity to store readings and download them later in batches.

Your organization can also minimize cost by setting up a central station for examination. Patients will be able to go to this room that has been designated for taking vitals before going to the exam room.

4. Cost Savings

EMR connectivity produces various cost savings. Imagine what will happen when nurses and other medical assistants can take a temperature or blood pressure reading in 15 to 20 seconds? In fact, with an efficient automated solution, you won’t need a registered nurse to take most vital sign readings.

The time saved by your nurses will allow them to spend more time taking care of patients and providing patient education. Some devices may also be wheeled from room to room at the time a patient’s vitals need to be taken.

Discover How an EMR Connection Vendor Can Transform Your Practice

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