A modern lab interface monitor is a valuable tool for every lab using a LIMS. If you have stored instrument data for many years with legacy technologies, you will appreciate the efficiency of using modern technology with full data integration and a superior search system. Your team will no longer need to put in so much manual effort to enter data into your LIMS.

A robust lab monitor interface is built on rules-based technology. The system gives you comprehensive features with configurable rules to boost the efficiency of your workflows.

Let’s take a few moments to look at some benefits and features of a premium lab monitoring solution.

1. Capacity to Detect Hundreds of Sensor Streams

Imagine what it will be like to see the live streams of data coming from all the devices in your laboratory. This can be a unique way to monitor and protect your lab.

The user-friendly lab management interface can stream data from all your equipment directly into a PC, tablet, or smartphone. It can connect to any lab instrument with a direct instrument integration or a sensor. Examples of equipment that you can link with your monitoring dashboard include refrigerators, thermometers, incubators, hydrometers, bioreactors, and door and lighting sensors.

2. Obtain and Analyze Data from Anywhere

A monitoring interface makes it possible to review and download data from older experiments. You can analyze your data on the go. This helps you eliminate guesswork and quickly detect variations in the records of experiments and data. Cloud-based architecture makes it easy to download data wherever you are on any device.

3. Receive Alerts in Your Desired Form

If something unexpected happens, your lab monitoring interface will alert you through SMS, email, or a phone call. You can set alerts with precision by specifying a threshold on one or more instruments. User alerts will also allow you to confirm that all equipment interfaces are working as intended. These alerts may be specified using a variety of fail parameters.

4. More Productive Day-to-day Operations

Effective lab monitoring enhances productivity in daily operations by eliminating admin bottlenecks and workflow disruptions. When troubleshooting equipment and experiment discrepancies, the capacity to check on historical pressure and temperature can be beneficial.

5. Quick Set up and Scalability

Setting a modern lab monitoring interface is quick and efficient. You can get up and running within a day or two. With a cloud-based backbone for the application, it is easy to set up sensors for each piece of equipment and monitor critical lab assets from a modern user interface. Lab managers can view all alerts in real-time and set up pre-configured sensors quickly.

Scalable cloud infrastructure allows you to manage an increasing number of alerts as your lab instruments increase. Modern cloud architecture also gives you real-time monitoring and will enable labs to send data through a RESTful API.

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