Lab outreach software is essential for any lab that wants to expand service areas and remain competitive. A well-designed outreach software gives you the tools you need to optimize your lab processes, engage in aggressive outreach, and connect with multiple clients for fast orders and test results transmission.

Working with a medical software development partner can help you achieve your outreach goals. After reviewing all your processes and outreach scenarios, your developer partner can create a new application that will lead to improved marketability, higher efficiency, and effective client integration. Here are some of the features and benefits of well-designed lab outreach software.

1. EHR and LIS Connectivity

For effective outreach, your lab needs an integration solution that offers seamless EHR connectivity, streamlines order management, and speeds up results delivery. This will lead to an automatic flow of data from clinicians to your laboratory and vice versa.

Some of the features that make this possible include:

  • An interface engine for smooth integration between your lab and clients’ EHRs
  • Integration of your system with all other hospitals, HIEs, registries, payers, and reference labs
  • Capacity building and training to use the interface engine to create your HL7 interfaces

2. Tools for Lab Data Management

Your outreach solution should not only help you reach out to clients and customers; it must improve workflow efficiency. Your solution should also improve decision-making, reduce testing errors, improve resource allocation, and enhance scheduling.

Features that make this possible include:

  • Advanced decision-support that improves the quality of all lab processes and results in better patient care
  • Reporting of quality metrics that allows lab managers to track trends and offer better client support

Your lab outreach solution should be able to provide reports on the following metrics:

  • Turnaround time for test orders
  • Utilization of order choices
  • User-defined metrics

The software may also offer advanced data mining to help you create custom reports and draw out information and trends from the application’s database.

3. Capacity for Scalable Outreach Programs

An effective lab outreach solution should help you reach many customers and give access to different business entities while serving as an integration solution.

4 Real-time Tracking of Outreach

Your outreach solution should provide real-time access for coordinating outreach efforts. In essence, it should support different workflows and provide dynamic reports on test orders and results, enabling users to offer clients superior customer service.

5. Workflow Management Tools

The outreach software should be flexible enough to allow users to manage different workflows remotely. As a result, users will be able to:

  • Modify a test ordering page to suit a client’s requests
  • Capture patient data efficiently
  • Route the test order to the right lab or technician
  • Provide test results using a variety of formats and send them to different places for authorized access

Building a robust outreach solution with all these features requires the input of an expert in healthcare and lab informatics.

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