Have you faced the difficulties dealing with connectivity and the various formats of the different EMR vendors?  Many vendors want encounter numbers, order numbers and sub-indexes returned with the laboratory results, and without this information your lab can not accept an inbound order message.  Lifepoint Informatics is able to solve these (and many other issues) by being able to accept the order message from the EMR vendor and normalizes the data within the laboratory’s dedicated Lifepoint database.  A key component of this process is knowing which fields are critical to both the lab and the EMR vendor.  This data normalization includes order code, physician, insurance, AAOE, and other components that are translated to standard lab values.   Once the order has been “normalized and stored” it can be sent in the format the laboratory needs to receive the lab order in HL7, FHIR, API or another format.  On the result side, the EMR will receive a normalized result message with the format and required fields to make a successful completed order.  This process will also include add on orders, reflex tests and discreet textual results.  This process can be difficult but with the right expertise it becomes seamless for the lab and the EMR vendor

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