Unlock efficiency and precision in patient test management with the Lifepoint Provider Web Portal Standing Orders Module, the industry-leading solution preferred by healthcare providers and clinical laboratories.

Key Features
  • Recurring Order Storage: Securely store and manage recurring lab test orders within our state-of-the-art system, ensuring patients never miss a critical test.
  • Integrated Diagnosis and Test Management: Track patients’ diagnoses alongside their prescribed recurring tests for seamless health management.
  • Intuitive Calendar Integration: Have the power of foresight with an integrated schedule, ensuring timely notifications for upcoming patient draws.
  • User Notifications: Stay informed with alerts that signal when a patient draw is due, ensuring necessary preparations are always a step ahead.
  • Audit Reports: Maintain accountability and traceability with comprehensive reports detailing drawn and missed tests, providing insights into patient compliance.
  • Comprehensive History Access: Instant access to records of past standing orders and tests, offering historical data for informed decision-making.
Unmatched Value

Lifepoint transcends the conventions of healthcare software with a comprehensive and consultative approach, delivering a suite that is second to none for laboratory results management. The Standing Orders Module is tailored to the intricate needs of Healthcare IT, Hospital Labs, and Laboratory Directors, streamlining workflows and fostering an environment of reliability and trust.

By choosing the Lifepoint Provider Web Portal Standing Orders Module, you stand to gain:

  • Efficiency: Reduce time spent on administrative tasks and focus on delivering first-rate healthcare services.
  • Reliability: Depend on an alarm and alert system that ensures all scheduled tests are anticipated and managed.
  • Insight: Have the analytical edge over each patient’s testing timeline, with data that informs better healthcare outcomes.
  • Partnership: Partner with a recognized name in healthcare IT, whose reputation for excellence is well heralded.
The Lifepoint Advantage

Confidence in patient care comes from trusting the right partners and utilizing the best tools. With Lifepoint’s Standing Orders Module, experience unmatched excellence that enhances your facility’s capabilities, nurtures patient trust, and defines industry standards.

Take action and revolutionize your laboratory’s approach to patient test management. Contact Lifepoint today to schedule a demonstration and see how we can elevate your service. Schedule a Demonstration