An Industry Leader in Uni-Directional EMR/EHR Interfacing Excellence

Lifepoint’s Uni-directional EMR/ EHR Interface products provide a groundbreaking, industry-leading solution for laboratories and healthcare systems seeking streamlined, secure, and robust interfacing capabilities.

Effortlessly connecting your host laboratory systems with any EMR vendor, Lifepoint Interface products are the gold standard in data management, delivering seamless and direct patient result transmissions to assist in the growing needs of healthcare professionals.

Experience the Power of Lifepoint Interface Capabilities:

  1. “Hub” Approach – Centralize your interfacing solutions with our innovative hub that simplifies connections between disparate systems.
  2. Compliance and Security- Rigorously adhere to HIPAA and PHI standards to ensure your patients’ health information remains protected and secure throughout the process.
  3. Effortless Connectivity- Establish a primary secure connection from your host system to transmit patient results without complications universally.
  4. Data Normalization – Our interface products “normalize” data, meaning all necessary information is translated and formatted perfectly for any receiving EMR system.
  5. Unlimited Partnerships – With limitless connection capabilities, and access to over 500 EMR vendors through our vast interface library.
  6. Top EMR Vendor Relationships – Benefit from our ability to leverage strong relationships with the leading EMR vendors, further easing integration.
  7. Seamless Result Delivery – Results are conveyed directly into the patient’s folder within the physician’s EMR, ensuring they are readily accessible where needed.
  8. Flexible Result Formats – Choose to receive results in PDF or HTML formats, catering to your specific workflow preferences.
  9. Enhanced Review – Provide physicians an unmatched review experience, raising the bar for result analysis efficiency.

Why Lifepoint is the Preferred Partner:

  • Lifepoint showcases extensive proficiency across all interface methodologies, including HL7, XML, FHIR, SFTP, and API, offering unparalleled adaptability.
  • With over 20,000 interfaces established to date, our experience speaks for itself, underpinning the trust countless laboratories have placed in our products.
  • Beyond interfacing, we provide complete project management, including acquiring vendor quotes, as well as 24/7 monitoring of every interface, illustrating our dedication to a full-spectrum support ethos.

Amplify Your Laboratory’s Capabilities

By choosing Lifepoint Uni-directional EMR/EHR Interface products, you are not just selecting an interfacing system; you are empowering your laboratory and healthcare facility with a comprehensive partnership that strengthens ties with physicians, optimizes technical operations, and ultimately elevates patient care.

Together, we advance healthcare efficiency and build the future of secure data exchange. Begin the transformation today with Lifepoint.

You can visit our website or contact a specialist directly for questions and more detailed information on how Lifepoint Interface can revolutionize your laboratory’s data operations. Schedule a Demonstration