LIS interface customization is the creation of middleware and additional modules that meet specific needs that the original LIS cannot address. Software is now an important tool in the daily operations of a clinical laboratory. The LIS (Laboratory Information System) is at the hub of most lab operations.

This information system is a combination of integrated software programs that are designed to interface with all the equipment and laboratory staff. With the wide adoption of EHRs by many healthcare providers, LISs have been upgraded to offer better operational efficiency and enhance patient safety.

However, the most sophisticated LIS products don’t meet all the dynamic needs of every medical laboratory. There are various information needs that aren’t met by these off-the-shelf LIS products. This is particularly true in large laboratory facilities and those that offer specialty services.

Most LIS vendors create software that meets the common needs of labs in their present client base. But each lab or hospital has some specific needs because of their clinical focus, their size or the type of patients they usually take care of.

That’s why LIS interface customization is so important. Reputable health IT companies can develop a variety of clinical applications customized to interact with the LIS or add-on modules that customize the commercial software. The developer also handles user interface development, user training and provides support for the applications they create.

Examples of custom solutions that many labs can use to boost efficiency and enhance interoperability with other data management systems in the hospital include:

  • an outreach support system to process orders for laboratory supplies
  • transcription/dictation management
  • digital image and scanned document file management
  • billing interface management applications

Benefits of LIS Interface Customization


  1. Scalability

Customized middleware can enhance your LIS with flexible high-performance software that works with multi-instrument, multi-site, multi-supplier solutions. The middleware can grow with the organization and enhance smooth laboratory operations without the need to invest in a completely new LIS.

  1. Efficiency

Customized solutions help you manage your organization more efficiently and benefit from interoperability with your existing EHR. They help you facilitate processes like error discovery and auto-verification. They also enhance the existing sample management, scheduling and test order entry functions.

  1. Rapid Communication

Your custom interface can route orders for lab tests directly from physicians. This connects the LIS to the EMR to order tests and receive lab results.

  1. Cost Effectiveness

Working with a developer to create custom interfaces is more cost effective than replacing your LIS with a new one or even consulting the commercial software vendor to add new features that you need.

  1. Innovative Features

Interface customization offers special features like a web-based interface that allows you to use existing standards such as HL7 and DICOM for image management and transfer.

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