The mode of delivering lab results has changed over the last decade. From using fax machines and courier services, labs have evolved to provide prompt results to the electronic health records system. Advances in mobile technology and the proliferation of smartphones have made it possible for physicians and patients to receive push notifications for lab, radiology, or pathology test results. Today, mobile lab results have the potential to improve the quality of care, and they offer the following benefits:

1. Faster Response to Lab Results

Physicians have many duties to attend to at work. After ordering a lab test, they need to listen to other patients and monitor the condition of patients on admission.

For that reason, they may be away from their desktop PC when the lab sends the test results to their EHR. However, with instant push notification on a smartphone, it is possible to act promptly after seeing the alert.

This can be a life-saver during an emergency or while treating patients with heart conditions. In such cases, acting promptly on test results can help the physician make a decision that will save the patient’s life.

2. Quicker Discharge of Patients

Sending lab results instantly to a physician’s smartphone allows them to discharge patients faster. This was confirmed by a study conducted on chest pain patients. The study results showed that the patients treated by physicians, who received notification, were discharged about 26 minutes earlier than those in the control group.

3. Better Care for Emergencies

During the treatment of an emergency, doctors need to make life-saving decisions within a short time. Nonetheless, the ethics of medical practice require physicians to base their diagnosis and treatment on lab tests.

When test results come in directly to the doctor’s phone, it is possible to analyze them quickly and provide effective treatment plans. Prompt results are also valuable for preparing for emergency surgical procedures.

4. Improved Physician Productivity

If clinicians know that they will receive test results on the go, they can create a more effective work plan. Instead of logging in several times into their EHR to view results, doctors can see the notification instantly and act on it promptly.

If the smartphone has other clinician productivity tools, the doctors may also use it as a mobile platform for work, within and outside their consulting rooms.

5. Greater Patient Satisfaction

The primary goal of most modern healthcare technologies is to improve patient care. Mobile lab results are not an exception.

Patients can also receive alert notifications to tell them that their test results are ready. This gives patients a greater feeling of satisfaction and encourages them to participate actively in the treatment and recovery.

Now that U.S. healthcare IT regulators are promoting greater access to patient health information, mobile results for lab tests can improve the overall patient experience.

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