Patient Monitoring Device Integration

Integrate any patient monitoring device such as Cardiology Devices, Glucose meters, Continuous surveillance monitors, Blood oxygen levels and any other devise directly to the physician EMR/EHR.

Lifepoint is able to extrapolate patient data and seamlessly deliver it to the referring medical record system or into Lifepoint’s provider portal. Data sent from any remote monitoring device can be delivered to Lifepoint’s secure App on your smart phone, smart watch, or iPad.

Collect and deliver any patient monitoring device data to any EMR

With a single connection to Lifepoint’s hub, collect and deliver any patient monitoring device data to any EMR for improved patient care.


  • Provide physicians with critical and accurate information
  • Works with any Patient Monitoring Devices
  • Interface with any EMR system
  • Streamline clinician workflow  
  • Intelligent alerts for abnormal arrhythmias
  • Track information throughout the complete case study

Understanding Remote Patient Monitoring

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