The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of today’s economy. This has led to an increase in the number of patients seeking treatment, as well as a need for more efficient ways of providing care. Self-service technologies, like patient service centre kiosk, are reshaping the industry by improving time management, increasing patient satisfaction and helping to cut costs.

While the patient service centre kiosk of today is on a relatively small scale, its importance is growing with time. With the combination of new technologies such as mobile devices and self-service kiosks, patient service centre kiosks enable a convenient and smooth experience for both patients and staff. These new workflows are designed to eliminate queues and ensure patients receive quality service at all times.

In this article, we will examine the main workflows that patient service centre help automate and the key benefits of deploying these centres in healthcare facilities.

What is a patient service centre kiosk?

Patient service centre kiosk allows patients to check themselves in digitally, eliminating the need for paper intake forms. The kiosk is designed to allow patients to enter their own information into the database, whereas traditionally, the patient intake process has involved handing a clipboard with several forms for patients to fill out. It also features a touch screen display that provides information on the process and instructions for completing the forms. The kiosk can be located in various areas of the hospital, such as at the entrance or in patient rooms.

How patient service centre kiosk expedites the intake process

Healthcare organizations often must rely on manual, time-consuming tasks and redundant processes to intake new patients. The intake documentation for each patient can vary greatly in length, depending on the amount of information the practice needs to obtain. Paper intake forms are notoriously slow and prone to errors, which can make it challenging for both patients and medical staff.

Meanwhile, patient kiosks offer patients a digital option to check themselves in which streamlines the intake process. Patients can now complete most of their check-in tasks digitally, instead of on paper. Scanners integrated into patient check-in workflows enable patients to check themselves in while decreasing wait times and improving data accuracy. Kiosks also give medical staff more time to focus on patients, rather than on paperwork. This helps reduce wait times in the waiting room and improves patient satisfaction.

Major Advantages

The use of patient kiosks in the intake process streamlines the process, reducing the time needed for each patient and lowering overall costs. It automates several patient intake processes and reduces the number of duplicate, time-consuming tasks staff members must perform.

Minimizes waiting time: It allows patients to check in and complete necessary forms before their appointment. This minimizes the amount of time they spend waiting in the reception area once they arrive, since they can complete their paperwork on their own time rather than while they’re waiting for an employee to assist them.

Reduces workload: Front office staff members handle the administrative aspects of running a medical practice, such as registering patients and scheduling appointments. By using patient service centre kiosk, medical staff can focus on patient interactions and provide a more personalized experience. 

Easier payment process: Kiosks at the front desk allow patients to pay their copays before interacting with staff members, who can then greet them with a smile. They can also be programmed to offer different types of payment options, and patients who like the convenience may opt for paying this way. This improves the patient experience, making payment much easier. 

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