As a physician, have you ever found that the patient’s signature was needed only after having the laboratory tests ordered, the specimens have been submitted and the patient is no longer available?

Lifepoint has developed a solution!  

We have created a patient signature section, conveniently available in the ordering section on our web portal website.  This functionality will allow the laboratory to customize a statement and have the patient consent by signing at the time the test order is created.  Signing can happen directly on the computer by having the patient use the mouse, on a mobile device using their finger, or through a supported signature pad.

This statement can contain multiple messages, for example the patient agreeing the specimen is their own and was collected and labeled properly.  Another option is for the patient to agree to release their test results to their provider and to bill their insurance.  This functionality Is completely customizable to meet your laboratory’s criteria or specific needs.  For convenience and compliance, a copy of the statement and the captured patient signature will also be included on the printed requisition.

Contact Lifepoint Informatics a (201) 447-9991 or visit our web sites at to learn more.