Every practice needs an efficient way to order for lab and imaging tests. That’s where the Practice Fusion lab interface comes in.

With this newly improved lab and imaging test ordering interface, clinicians can place new orders and receive results directly in the EHR. The ordering interface simplifies the process of creating ICD-10 ready orders.

Very briefly, we’ll be looking at some of the benefits of working with the Practice Fusion Lab interface.


1. Simplicity and Efficiency of Test Ordering

The well-designed interface makes it easy to place test orders fast, within the patient’s medical chart. Doctors may even place an order while attending to a patient and save it for completion and submission after that.

The system also has a delegation feature that makes it easy for busy doctors to make lab orders. A doctor can ask an assistant, nurse, or ancillary staff to complete the order.

Another time-saving feature is the order template. A user may save an order as a template for future use. Templates make it easy to reorder a similar or frequently used test or image.

Placing lab or imaging orders from a web portal enables you to cut down on manual documentation, including printing and faxing. At the same time, you can give your staff a comprehensive view of your patient’s health status and history.


2. Improve Patient Care

Older electronic ordering systems allow you to make orders without paper. However, due to poor integration with the EHR, the users still needed to track patient orders and monitor results manually.

With Practice Fusion, you can see the test order and results in a single location. The interface allows you to view any orders that have not been completed and display a list of past orders and results. This feature can also serve as part of a decision support system.


3. Easy Sharing of Lab Results

Patients love to see their lab results early. With the Practice Fusion lab interface, you can reduce the number of calls patients make to confirm their lab results.

As soon as the results are ready, your EHR will allow patients to view them through the patient portal.


4. Send Results to Other Providers

In the recent past, providers have erroneously made duplicate test orders for patients. Such orders occurred because the provider could not gain access to the previous test result.

Duplicate orders are no longer needed with this interface. It is now easy to refer your patient to a specialist and share all the test results with the new provider.


5. Effective Partnership

Practice Fusion has one of the largest partnership networks in the country. With over 600 healthcare organizations and labs connected and over 100,000 providers, it is easy to link up with other labs, hospitals, or payers that are on the network.

You may also request a partnership if you feel it will benefit your organization or lab.


Learn More About Practice Fusion Lab Interface

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