EMR Interfacing

To stay competitive and compliant, laboratories and hospitals need appropriate technology for seamless integration with the EMR vendor used by physicians. Lifepoint  EMRHub facilitates faster, easier interfacing, enhancing outreach connectivity with healthcare providers.

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EMR Interfacing Facts

1. Lifepoint leverages a “Hub” approach to EMR Interfacing.
2. Data is securely stored utilizing HIPAA and PHI (Patient Health Information) standards.
3. Primary secure connection from host laboratory system to transmit patient results.
4. Data is “normalized” in the Hub enabling transmittal to disparate systems.
5. Limitless secure connections to any EMR vendor.
6. Vast library of EMR vendor interfaces, worked with over 500 EMR vendors.
7. Ability to leverage relationships with the top emr vendors.
8. Result data is transmitted seamlessly to referring physician’s EMR system.
9. Result data is delivered directly to a patient folder within the physician EMR
10. The Results report can be delivered as a PDF or via HTML format.
11. Enhanced results review elevates the experience for the physician.
12. Strengthen physician relationship.
13. Proficiency in all interface methodologies; HL7, XML, FHIR, SFTP, API.
14. Experience in interfacing, evidenced by establishing over 20,000 interfaces
15. Complete project management inclusive obtaining vendor quotes.

1. Inclusive of all the features of a Unidirectional interface in addition to the following:
2. High physician satisfier due to ease of use.
3. Patient orders are placed in the native emr environment.
4. Test order is “scrubbed” prior to being transmitted.
5. Medical necessity checking can be performed at the EMRHub level.
6. ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notice) can be generated and printed at the physician level.
7. Patient test orders are seamlessly transmitted to the preforming laboratory.
8. The EMRHub is used to securely store all incoming patient test orders.
9. Custom translation tables are built enabling the order to be routed appropriately.

1. The Lifepoint Portal is integral to EMRHub enabling physician client setup.
2. Physician identifiers and matching logic are used between EMRHub and the Portal
3. Audit reports specific to the EMR data are available in the Portal
4. Administration level accessibly for laboratory personal to view data and reports
5. Interface to Labs, hospitals, diagnostic imaging centers and patient monitoring devices.
6. Built on a unified workflow platform allowing clients seamless interoperability.
7. Lifepoint restructures data from each EMR/EHR vendor, enabling the laboratory to
accept the data feed from Lifepoint without the need for any reformatting on their end.
8. Lifepoint’s robust and intuitive administration access to its portal, allows laboratory
administrators the ability to view and edit translation tables, and view all system audits.
9. Lifepoint’s EMRHub enables an unlimited amount of EMR connections to flow through
one interface. Currently, Lifepoint has completed over 20,000 EMR interfaces.
10. Eliminates the need for custom point-to-point interfaces.
11. Utilizing two premier datacenters, Lifepoint supports a high level of integration for its
customers and is able to offer nearly 100% uptime performance.
12. Complete project management from start to go live is handled by experienced project
13. Eliminates costly hardware and the need for IT staff and support.
14. Our project managers coordinate with all EMR and LIS vendors on your behalf.
15. Compendium management expertise and translation service assistance.
16. Lifepoint’s 24/7 support center provides monitoring for every live Interface.
17. Real time EMR interface dashboard available for audit tracking and monitoring.
18. Our 24/7 Customer call service center is provided at no additional cost.

1. A robust interface dashboard is offered with the following:
a. Real time monitoring of every live interface.
b. Monitoring is done on a 24/7 basis.
c. Configurable scheduler is built in for each interface.
d. Customized monitoring configurations for each interface.
e. Visual indicators of interface status: Green, Yellow, Red.
f. Email notification in the event an interface is inactive.
g. Communication and coordination with Lifepoint interface specialists.
h. Rapid response resolution times

1. Abily to extrapolate more than laboratory orders from EMR.
2. Custom program to extrapolate patient CCD and CCR record.
3. Custom interfacing depending on the configuration of the EMR vendor.
4. HIPAA Compliance
5. HL7, CCD, CCR Interfaces
6. Embedded PDF or PDF sent separately
7. Lab interfaces to EMR or EHR
9. Uni-Directional (Results Only)
10. Bi-Directional (Orders & Results)
11. VPN or Secure Agent Software
12. SFTP & Drop Box capability
13. Rules based order routing
14. EHR integration, EMR interfaces
15. Interoperability for HIE, RHIO, and NHIN

1. Prefer not to list Lifepoint customers at this time.
2. Industries Lifepoint services:
a. Clinical Laboratory
b. Anatomic Pathology Laboratory
c. Genomic Laboratory
d. Genetic Laboratory
e. Toxicology Laboratory
f. Virology Laboratory
g. Radiology Diagnostic Centers
h. Veterinary Pathology Laboraotry
i. Diagnostic Instruments
i. Cardiology

ii. Multiple values: BP, Heart Rate, Pulse Ox, Temp
k. Forensic Laboratory
l. Physician Office Laboratory

1. Listing of the top EMR vendors we connect with:
Practice fusion
Veradigm (previously Allscripts)
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